Old Irish Monastery for sale

Last year we visited Carmen de Areco and its sorrounding areas, and discovered a beautiful old monastery in the middle of the countryside. It was quite impressive, its architecture and style made you feel as if you were in Europe. A perfect place to rest, to find peace and to feel as living in nineteenth century. As I found the monastery closed, I decided to go back to see if I could find someone who can tell me something else about it. I went back on february and asked to people from Carmen de Areco about the Monastery that had been sold to private hands. There were thousands of different versions around the town, someone told us they would built a Geriatric Hospital, others told us it was going to be a luxury hotel... Nobody knew well how, when, why and what it had been sold. This Saturday March 10th an article appeared in La Nación newspaper http://buscador.lanacion.com.ar/Nota.asp?nota_id=890203&high=monasterio%20areco It was confirmed the sale of the Irish monastery and also the remains of the missionaries and other religious workers buried there would have to be removed. The Organization Red Solidaria have joined the protests of the community and they are starting a movement to save the cemetery and monastery. You can write to them by e-mail: savemonastery@hotmail.com and salvemosalmonasterio@hotmail.com . It is a pitty the authorities and the responsibles for the sale do not appreciate the cultural and architectural treasures we have inherited and do not take care of protecting them, considering also that this place was donated by the irish community of the area. It is part and a legacy of a community.

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